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Plastic Thermoforming
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Plastic Die Cutting
Plastic Part Assembly
Plastic Fabricating
Injection Molding
Supplier General Quality Requirements
Supplier Certificates of Conformance Requirements REV 0.0


Providequality products on-time that satisfies our customers expectationsthrough continual improvement of our systems and manufacturing process.

Supplier Certificates of Conformance Requirements REV 0.0


      Supplier will provide on Company Letterhead the following information on the Certificate:
-    Company Name and Information (phone number, fax number, address)
-    Tri-State Plastics, Inc. Purchase Order Number
-    Certificate must state that parts and/or services are sold to “Tri-State Plastics, Inc.”
-    Date of “Certificate of Conformance”
-    Quantity
-    Weight
-    Material Test Reports (Includes Hardness, Conductivity, Chemistry, Burn Test, etc... as necessary.)
-    Batch
-    Lot Number
-    Date of Manufacture
-    Signature and Name Printed of Authorized Quality Department Manager or Upper Management
-    Material Specification
-    Expiration Date
-    Supplier Control Number (Lockheed Martin Only)
-    Processor Code (Lockheed Martin Only)
-    QCS-001 Process (Lockheed Martin Only)
-    EMAP Code (Lockheed Martin Only)


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